Fostering a Data Culture: Overcoming Challenges and Driving Impact
Date & Time
Thursday, May 2, 2024, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Nanette Antwi-Donkor Danika Martinez

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, data emerges as the catalyst for transformative change and unparalleled impact. However, building a robust data culture is not without its challenges. From navigating deep-rooted data silos to overcoming resistance to change, organizations encounter various obstacles that hinder their ability to fully leverage data-driven insights.

Join us for a session where we address these barriers. We will explore the common hurdles encountered in fostering a data culture and delve into actionable strategies to overcome them. Our discussion will cover the issue of data silos that often hinder collaboration and information flow, as well as techniques for fostering a culture of data literacy that ensures every team member can effectively leverage data for decision-making and demonstrate impact.

Additionally, we will tackle the challenge of staff’s resistance to change, providing insights into navigating organizational dynamics to drive meaningful transformation. With practical examples, you will gain valuable insights and actionable steps to enhance your organization’s data culture.

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Concurrent How To Session
Conference Theme 2024
Ground the work in data and context, and target solutions