Full Name
Hayling Price
Job Title
Senior Managing Director, External Engagement
Harlem Children's Zone
Speaker Bio

Hayling Price serves as Managing Director of Public Policy and External Engagement for the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), an education and antipoverty organization that serves over 20,000 children and families annually. He leads HCZ’s efforts to scale impact by supporting systems change initiatives in neighborhoods across the country. To this end he also manages the William Julius Wilson Institute, HCZ’s national hub for place-based, people-focused solutions that open pathways to social and economic mobility.

Before joining HCZ Hayling was a strategy consultant at FSG, where he developed the firm’s systems change practice, advised social sector clients on education initiatives, and helped launch collective impact efforts around the country. Prior to joining FSG Hayling worked as a federal advocate promoting public policy impacting youth and families. Through this work he supported the rollout of the federal Promise Neighborhoods initiative, providing advocacy support and technical assistance to cradle-to-career efforts nationwide. Hayling received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. He also received his Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Hayling Price