Disrupting Traditional Power Structures for Community Co-Design and Intergenerational Leadership
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Meleah Follen Colleen Maleski Roslyn Sotero

In April 2020, StriveTogether launched the co-development of solutions fellowship with 10 local networks focused on how to authentically work in partnership with and authorize youth, families and community residents to create a vision, then drive decisions and solutions that achieve it. Participants will learn how the partnerships shifted local structures, processes, and ways of working to move from community members informing to leading the collective work. They will assess their current state of engagement with community members, set a vision for the future state, and identify ways to disrupt the power dynamics, trust and relationships, system influences and accountability, culture, and mental models that are currently preventing authentic co-design.

Learning Objectives: Participants will

  • Grapple with the complex, political, and interpersonal challenges that stand in the way of living the values of equity and authentic community co-design
  • Identify key opportunities to disrupt the status quo and stakeholders to activate in pursuit of community power and leadership
Session Type
Concurrent How To Session
Community Engagement
Education and Youth