Full Name
Courtney W. Robertson
Job Title
Director of Programs & Partnerships - Collective Impact Forum
Speaker Bio

Courtney has a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector including work in adult learning, coaching, facilitation, training design and implementation, and project management. His professional experience has focused on building the capacity of direct service organizations to engage in collaborative and collective impact work by focusing on access to and use of data to inform practice and navigating organizational change by addressing adaptive and technical challenges.

Courtney serves as the director of programs and partnerships of the Collective Impact Forum at FSG where he is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of programming (i.e., communities of practice, action learning labs, and leadership development series with themes such as embedding equity in collaborative work, creating meaningful community ownership, and pursuing systems change) that supports individuals, backbones, and communities engaging in collective impact work.   

Prior to his role with the Collective Impact Forum, Courtney spent seven years at the education nonprofit Seeding Success, based in Memphis, TN, most recently serving as the director of operations supporting staff by focusing on internal culture and climate; identifying, managing, and standardizing systems to improve workflows; and partnership management. He also led the organization’s DEI efforts and supported training development and delivery in Results-Based Facilitation, Data Use for Continuous Improvement, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Understanding Boundaries of Authority, Role, & Task. He has also held roles as a network facilitator and manager for school improvement at Seeding Success, managing a team of data analysts working with 15 secondary schools in Memphis-Shelby County Schools to more effectively leverage data to drive interventions, practices, and policies to improve chronic absenteeism and behavior. He also facilitated a bimonthly learning network and supported district and school leadership in long-term planning and sustainability. 

Courtney W. Robertson