Full Name
Malibu Barron
Job Title
Strategic Support Specialist
National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes
Speaker Bio

Malibu Barron (she/her) is a Strategic Support Specialist with the National Deaf Center. She identifies herself as a Deaf Multiracial ciswoman, a second-year doctoral student in School Improvement at Texas State University. She received her BA in sociology and MA in School Counseling from Gallaudet University.

She has provided numerous training, workshops, keynote, and spaces in the past ten years, focusing on multiple issues with different employment and roles in the community. She focuses on integrating various issues: education, mental health, interpreting, accessibility, and community works in a trauma-invested space. 

Malibu was found to be deaf at a year old before newborn screening became mandatory. She is the fourth generation deaf on the paternal side. She is the oldest of four deaf siblings with a deaf mother. She is a proud mother of three Deaf children.

Image Description: 
Malibu (she/her) is a light-skinned Multiracial Deaf Ciswoman who is smiling at the camera, wearing a blue spotted dress shirt, a necklace, and has short brown hair.

Malibu Barron