Full Name
Victor Tavarez
Job Title
Senior Consultant
Speaker Bio

Victor Tavarez is a senior consultant at FSG with a background in charter school education, federal policy, philanthropy, and political organizing. At FSG, he works with diverse stakeholders to address pressing social challenges related to economic mobility, education, and the social determinants of health. Victor is an avid believer in leveraging cross-sector collaboration, deep community engagement, and innovation to shift systems and create equitable population outcomes. Before FSG, Victor served as the Human Rights Policy Coordinator at the Roosevelt Institute, where he advised students across the country to form coalitions, draft policy recommendations, and advocate for policy changes pertaining to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, immigration, human trafficking, and criminal justice. Victor is driven by his lived experiences as a first-generation student from New York City to create equitable opportunities for historical marginalized populations.

Victor Tavarez