Full Name
Lou Florez
Job Title
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Water Has No Enemy
Speaker Bio

Lou Florez (Awo Ifadunsin) is an internationally known Bruje/Witch, Medicine Maker, Herbalist, Spirit worker, Priest, activist, and artist who has studied with indigenous communities and elders throughout the globe. His teachings and practice are grounded in prompting connectedness to the body through physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental landscapes, creating living, dynamic relationships so we can become conscious of the inherent power available to us in every lived second.

Lou is a creative and author whose writings have been featured on Remezcla (2020), The Wild Hunt (2017), and in Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community (2015). He also cofounded WitchCraft (2020), monthly online gatherings dedicated to the full moon and comprised of poetry and witchcraft experiments.

Lou comes from the spiritual legacies of Latine cultural wisdom keepers, Orisha Priests, Medicine Makers, and Brujas, and his work promotes spiritual activation and social empowerment. He is the executive director and cofounder of Water Has No Enemy (2017-present day), a nonprofit organization committed to healing justice, where he creates transformational dialogues and intersectional allyship between social changemakers and leaders, and indigenous culture keepers and medicine holders. These conversations focus on reclaiming indigenous wisdom through healing our relationships to self, others, and the natural world. As a presiding Priest of Ile Ori Ogbe Egun (2021), an international IFA temple honoring Orisha from a global perspective, Lou creates Orisha-centered fellowship, services, and programming rooted in liberative theology and practices, and is an Awo Orunmila, or High Priest, in the tradition. Lou facilitates workshops and hands-on teaching opportunities on Brujería, Herbalism, and Hoodoo throughout the year and lectures on the intersectional meeting grounds of art, activism, and witchcraft at universities and colleges throughout the world. Lou is a spiritual reader and advisor known for his care, compassion, and accuracy and has a thriving global practice. He also produces and curates a line of artisanal, Brujería-based perfumes, oils, and baths and runs a cooperative, Los Angeles-based medicine garden.


Lou Florez