Achieving Impact Through (Em)Power(Ed) Relationships by Putting Citizen Civil-Society Into Public Private Partnerships
Date & Time
Thursday, April 28, 2022, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Ronald Mudimeli Zaahedah Vally Graeme Wilkinson Kelly Shiohira

Intrenched and intrenching interests that exploit or subjugate are clearly anathema to community development. Such power silences. But these are the power relationships that drive and sustain systems in society, indeed, the very systems that collective impact initiatives intend to ameliorate. Especially if you work in the global South, how do you build effective collective impact when the state lacks capacity and is, at its best, anaemic and at worst, abusive? How does one harness power, with purpose and with care, to build relationships of trust? How does a collective impact initiative connect with local change agents, re-energise and inspire them to get involved (again) in making a difference in their community? How do we bring silenced voices back into the chorus? This session offers a practical framework for helping any collective to build empowering relationships, grounded in the experience of championing school food and nutrition gardens in South Africa.

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Concurrent How To Session
Conference Theme 2022
Shifting Power and Connecting to Community